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Re: Both FM and FM+SGML?

| Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 07:40:13 -0500
| From: "Donald M Rinderknecht" <Donald.M.Rinderknecht@noaa.gov>
| To: framers@FrameUsers.com
| Subject: Both FM and FM+SGML?
| Hi All,
| I just thought I'd ask a quick one.... can I install BOTH FrameMaker and
| FrameMaker+SGML on the same machine? Or am I just asking for trouble?
| I'm developing some training for our office and I've got FM+SGML on my
| machine, but I want to do some screen captures, etc. and don't want to
| confuse my students (any more than I have to ;-) ).
| Thanks,
| Don.
| --
| Don Rinderknecht -- Meteorologist Instructor / Developer
| WSR-88D OSF Operations Training Branch
| Internet: Donald.M.Rinderknecht@noaa.gov
| OTB Web Page: http://www.osf.noaa.gov/otb/otb.htm

You can easily install both FrameMaker and FrameMaker+SGML on the same
system, regardless of platform (Unix, Windows, Macintosh). In fact, on
one (unix) system here, we have installed the following simultaneously:

   FM 4 (dont ask!), FM 5.5.6, FM+SGML 5.5.6, FM 6, FM+SGML 6

For Windows/Mac systems, the order of installation of the two affects
the 'default' application that is used to open files when the user
double-clicks on them in the Explorer/Finder:

   the _last_ installed program becomes the application associated
   with the file extension/type.

While you can change this association after the fact, it is a bit
of a pain, and thus probably simpler to install the programs in the
order of 'least likely to be used' then 'most likely to be used.'

-- Lester
 Lester C. Smalley               |  email: LSmalley@Infocon.com
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