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Re: FrameMaker to PowerPoint conversion

On Fri, 15 Feb 2002 15:18:36 +0000, "Julia Dashwood" 
<julia_dashwood@hotmail.com> wrote:

>Hello Framers, I have a problem on my hands and it was suggested that if you 
>would be the folks to steer me in the right direction (or tell me to give up 

No need to give up yet... ;-)

>I have a number of FrameMaker 6 books and there is now a requirement to turn 
>out PowerPoint of these. 

You're turning an entire docset into *slides*???  How odd.

>These books are multiple file books, they contain  
>graphics (Visio), and tables, and are tagged with custom/non-standard  
>paragraph tags (e.g. "Paragraph" instead of "Body"). The books have TOCs 
>and IXs that don't haver to be converted.
>Can anyone suggest a process I could use to accomplish this?

Well, technically, yes.  You could massage it into a form more 
appropriate for PP in Frame, using conditional text, then convert 
from Frame to Word RTF, and import that directly into PP.

For the conversion step, you'll find the normal Frame RTF export
seriously broken, though the Japanese RTF output (by a different
vendor, a competent one) may be suitable to your needs.  Or you
could use our Mif2Go, which does that job very nicely out of the 
box for $295, and also gives you a raft of on-line help formats
(WinHelp, HTML Help, Java Help, Oracle Help for Java) as well as
HTML, XHTML, and XML.  You can download a full-featured unlimited
sample version from our Web site (with all docs) and see for 

>Any and all guidance would be appreciated.

I'm still wondering why you'd want to make a full set of manuals
into slides in the first place.  Who would the audience be?  It
would be thousands of slides before you're done; the show would
run for days.  Or am I missing something?

-- Jeremy H. Griffith, at Omni Systems Inc.
  (jeremy@omsys.com)  http://www.omsys.com/

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