Arabian Horse – Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide


Arabian Horse – Red Dead Redemption 2 Guide

The Arabian is a particular breed of horse in Red Dead Redemption 2. They are classified as Elite Superior Horses. Our guide will tell you everything you need

Red Dead Redemption 2 How To Find & Catch White Arabian Horse Walkthrough Guide Lake Isabella

This video shows the game Red Dead Redemption 2 (2108), it shows how to get one of the best FREE horses in the game The White Arabian as early as Chapter 2 in the single player part of the game, which is really early on in the game,

A similar horse is over $1000 in game dollars, i can’t find the exact amount if you know tell us in the comments below,

I went to this area ealier in the game, but i couldn’t find this horse, after walking around the lake 5 times i gave up, but after i completed the side mission where you hunt the Legendary Bear it seemed like it unlocked the “Stable A Horse” part of the game when you sell one at the stables,

This side mission is available at your campsite just below Valentine, one of your friends asks you if you want to go for a bear hunt, you will take a horse to sell and use that money to buy yourself a better horse,

I went back up to Lake isabella after the bear hunt mission and i found it literally straight away, it was just stood waiting for me, catching it was a little bit harder however,

I tried catching it at least 7 times and it kept running away until i realized the screen prompts were set to hybrid as default which means they don’t show all the time, so i was getting to close and spooking the horse and it would run off,

It doesn’t dissapear though just follow it’s tracks and be patient you won’t get it the first time,

The tips are slowly walk towards the horse crouched down, the slower the better,

Press L2 to lock on to the horse, and this also brings up the menu,

As soon as the game lets you press square to calm the horse, and keep doing this as you slowly get closer,

A bar will appear, now you need to keep it full by pressing square, focus on this to keep it full otherwise the horse will run off,

Keep getting closer i think the game will make your character auto stand up, then quickly throw the lasso,

It will reel in the horse then quickly press triangle to get on the horse,

You then need to break the horse pull back on the left stick while going the opposite direction to the horses travel,

When you have broken it make it your main horse by putting you saddle on it and manually save your game regularly so if it dies you can just reload the last save,

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